Start of something new? ish?

This is me deciding to start something new.


I’ve finally decided to create a new blog. I don’t know ┬áif I’ll regret this later on, but for now this will be here. I want to post up about the beautiful things in life as well as the challenges, and how I discover the beauty in those challenges.

I’m still learning and growing est 1992, even though I’m already in my mid 20’s (that’s a scary revelation) I’m still trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do in life. I love to create things, which means I love writing, I love crafting things and planning things. I will kinda show all these in this blog.

It all sounds kinda cliche but sometimes cliche is good and it’s life, life is cliche. I want to see how getting back into writing will help me figure things out more by getting my thoughts out instead of keeping them in. (Once again, let’s see if this is a good idea.)

So this is my journey.

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