Everyone’s new year’s resolution: Get fit

You know how when new year draws near, its when everyone starts making their resolution and the top one is always to lose weight or get fit. I used to make resolutions but then I stopped, because I never stick to it. I always start the year or at least the first month of the year being all gung-ho, all fired up always ready to exercise. But then as the weeks pass, my schedule starts filling up and the time I set aside to exercise starts disappearing. I’d either have no time at all for it or go home at the end feeling tired and not wanting to do anything.

Recently, I kept it in my mind, making sure I exercise at least once a week. This is because my job consist of me sitting in the office from 8am- 5pm, 6 days a week. I’m pretty sure my butt is as flat as a pancake from all that sitting down and my muscles are not as toned because of the lack of movement.

Another thing about me is that I’ve always struggled with my weight, since I was a kid, I’ve always been the bigger child at home, I guess my metabolism don’t work as fast as my sister’s. It has always affected me when people make comments about my weight and compare me to my sister, but I always try to not let them get to me. It got a bit harder especially when I was going through puberty and all I wanted (and still do) was to eat. I remember when we had health check in school, the nurse would give me a pamphlet about obesity (rude. I wasn’t that big, I was just chubs. still am and I’m healthy).

Anyway, I love how the internet teaches us about loving ourselves first and embrace the way we are despite all the other negativity about body image. I really do believe in loving yourself first, that’s important. That means you don’t make yourself unhealthy, you eat right, you do your exercise and you get those good night sleeps for your body to repair itself. I know that a lot of people struggle with their body image, I honesty struggled with it for a long time and it was only recently when I really felt comfortable with my own skin and how I look. It’s when you decide to not let the negative thought and ideas into your head, you look at things differently.

I enjoy food, sometimes a little too much, but I know I have to eat right, which means veggies and good portion of meat. I make sure I exercise, to get the heart pumping blood around my body up to my brain, to get those muscles in my body to work. I make sure I have at least 6 hours of sleep, for my brain to be alert when I’m awake, for my body to repair itself internally when I sleep, and also to look fresher when I wake up.

This year I decided to have some exercise routine, not sure how long I’ll stick to it tho. I tried to look up online for some regime to follow but it didn’t really work for me. I’d love to go out for a jog but I don’t like jogging around my neighborhood and the stadium is too far from home. I needed something which is convenient for me to do at home. Then about a week ago I remember I bought my mom an exercise game on XBox. It’s called Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (2012). I dug through my drawer and found it, put it into my XBox 360, and started it. Explored it for the first few minutes and I love it!


So what you can do is that you can answer a few questions and they’ll help you set up an exercise plan. They’d mark which workout you should do in order to achieve your goal and they even let you know how often you should exercise in a week. After every workout they would let you know how much calories you’ve burnt and the awesome thing is that because it’s Kinect, it scans your whole body before starting, so it detect if your posture is right and if you raise your arms or legs properly. This is amazing!

For someone who loves video games and doesn’t like boring exercise, this is perfect for me. It makes it more enjoyable and it challenges me.

There’s this one gym in New York which has this arcade like gym and I wouldn’t mind joining that gym. It’s a gym called Asphalt Green. It’s full on interactive walls and floors and it’s high intensity workout. Playing that XBox video game, feels like it might have similar concept as that gym. I definitely feel sore after every workout and that way I know it’s working. I’m gonna try and see if it’ll help me build up my stamina after a few months because honestly after one workout I want to cry my eyes out, it’s so challenging and tiring. tumblr_moemgew1Hw1soocyho1_500.gif

Also working out at home is good, I can wear anything I want, be comfortable and save myself from embarrassment if I can’t figure out how certain gym equipment works.

7db3G3m8QOeg6jOxwAWS_Exercise Leg Backwards.gif


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