Current music obsession (May 2017)

My obsession comes and go. Sometimes amazing things comes up and I just becomes obsessed with it for months.

Gavin James – Nervous


So recently on the radio I heard a song called “The Oooh Song” by Gavin James, the song is also called ‘Nervous’. The first thing came into mind was “Does the song only goes ‘ooh’?” and I thought it’d be one of those song like “selfie”, I can’t even understand that song, but anyway, so the song was played and I was blown away by how good it is. They played the remixed version on the radio so I looked it up on YouTube.

His voice is amazing and the song is so good

and there’s the original version, with just his voice ❤

Kinda reminds me of when I first heard of James Arthur, same vibe, so good.

Anyway, the song is from his album ‘Bitter Pill’, of course I went on to listen to the other songs, and they’re good too.

Chord Overstreet – Hold On


Chord Overstreet who is famously know from his role in Glee, he recently released a few singles and I manage to listen to one of his latest song, it’s called “Hold on”. This song hit me hard, the story, the words of the song really got to me, especially after binge watching 13 Reasons Why recently,  the stories relate. But I think  The Vampire Diaries used this song for an episode, from what I’m seeing at the comment section of the video.

The first verse of the song below:

Loving and fighting
Accusing, denying
I can’t imagine a world with you gone
The joy and the chaos, the demons we’re made of
I’d be so lost if you left me alone
You locked yourself in the bathroom
Lying on the floor when I break through
I pull you in to feel your heartbeat
Can you hear me screaming “please don’t leave me”

Max Schneider – Lights Down Low

Max Schneider got my attention when he was on Nickelodeon’s How to Rock, cuz he’s got a good looking face and he’s a cutie. Then he really got my attention when he released a cover of JT’s Suit and Tie, cuz look at him in the video

He released a song called “Lights down low” last year and he wrote it for his wife as a proposal song, and it’s beautiful.

Logan Henderson – Sleepwalker

My favourite BTR member, Logan Henderson, the mysterious cutie. He release a new single last year, it’s called “Sleepwalker”, I love the song and I can’t wait for the full album, if he ever plans on coming up with one.


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