Boy band craze

6358392880876636521456751145_boy-bands.jpgThe thing about Boy bands is that they know their audience. Every generation has their own boy bands and see them from way way back from The Beatles to The Beach Boys, The Jackson 5 to New Kids on The Block. Then in the 90’s you have the Hanson, Backstreet Boys, *N Sync, 98 Degrees and more. The one which had an impact on me are the ones which appear in the early 2000’s till now. tumblr_mayy94LPlW1qetnwjo1_400-300x251

Fangirl looks pretty much the same from back then and now, for realz, if you search google image for ‘fangirls at concert’ you’ll see the same image from back then and now. article-2113904-122239EB000005DC-978_634x4221

These are calmer pictures but there are picture of girls crying at a Beatles concert and then there are also pictures of girls crying at a One Direction concert.

Why are boy bands so wonderful, well, they’re made up of very good looking talents men/boys/guys. They’re full of charm which gets to teenage hormonal girls. These guys are our first crushes. They make us feel things we don’t even understand. tumblr_nrhiymfp0f1tkx26qo1_500.gifYup, it’s still something you can’t quite explain, you just gotta do your fangirl thing and go kinda crazy and melt into a puddle of emotions when you see them on screen, or when you hear them on the radio, especially when they release a new album or song.

Here are some to the boy bands over the years which have captured my heart and sanity.

  1. The Jonas BrothersThe-Jonas-Brothers-image-the-jonas-brothers-36065189-500-280.gifThe Jonas Brothers are one of the biggest thing in the 2000’s, specifically around 2005. They started a new era of boy band, they brought it back. These 3 brothers are gorgeous and talented. Of course around that time Disney picked them up and that’s how their fame rose so quickly all around the world. They even had their own show on Disney, I enjoyed it, cuz they were all adorkable, but with fame it comes with haters as well. Well every has their opinion on things but let’s just leave them haters aside. These brothers had an image which appealed to their audience which is their purity, with their family background, their father, a pastor and so this was what they grew up with. We need to remember that they’re also teenage boys and in Hollywood. So their got curious and well, took off their purity ring and decided to do things their own way. I don’t agree with their decision and ideas on not maintaining that purity, but it doesn’t mean I’ve decided to not be a fan of theirs. They’re still good looking (especially Nick, in my opinion) and they still produce good music. The band broke up in 2013 because the brothers wanted to go on and do their own thing which fans understood even tho were sad about the news. I got to see them live in KL in 2013 right before they broke up, and it was amazing. They sounded good live, and I’m very sure they sang live, cuz I was pretty close to the stage. Anyway, to a lot of us, the bothers were our first big crush and they’re still relevant.

  2. Big Time Rushbig-time-rush-canceled-gifs-bromance-2.gif These 4 guys first got my attention in 2013 even tho they’ve been around since 2009. They were formed from Nickelodeon for a TV show. I fell in love with the show when my friend first introduced them to me, I fell in love with the guys on the show, their characters, and then with the help of the internet,  it helped me learn a little more about them and well, I love them even more. Look at them! They’re so good looking and once again adorkable. The tv show helped them become a band and they matured through their career as well. The band stopped performing in 2014, after the show ended, which also means their contract ended. But of course as fans of their music, we kinda hope they will have a reunion as a band again next time, maybe like 10 years later just like what *N Sync and Backstreet Boys are doing now. My personal fav is Logan, he’s got that boy next door look on the show, in real life, he’s a little bit of a mystery if you read his tweets and well he only just got an IG account not too long ago. He’s a little more private. I’d like to say that I fell in love with him or so I thought. Kendall is cute too, he’s got those gorgeous green eyes and fans get to hear him a bit more with his own band called ‘Heffron Dive’. He had this band even before BTR, it consists of him and his friend Dustin Belt. Carlos is the first among them to get married and he’s now a dad to Ocean PenaVega (ya he changed is last name to PenaVega after he got married.), he’s still acting and producing some stuff, and as for James, he’s still busy producing music and acting, Logan just released a single, probably working on an album too. I was obsessed with them like I’d freak out when I hear them on the radio and I love that I have some friend who were as obsessed as I was.

  3. One Directiona8347ebc968250b28aaa86401660879b.gif I have to mention One Direction. As in when Zayn was with them. Now these boys are a little younger than me, but they’re still good looking and talented. So I can still enjoy them. Harry was the one who caught my attention, I mean Zayn looks really good and all but there’s something about Harry, maybe it’s his hair. I don’t know. But when their first song came out, it was pretty much everywhere, there was no way to escape it, and when it’s everywhere you start humming to it. I originally didn’t want to get to know this band or even like them, but they’re irresistible. They super cheeky boys and they sing songs that makes you go awwwww. They were able to transition easily into more mature content because they weren’t attached to any kids related company. Just like any boy band, they’re bound to breakup, in their case it happened when Zayn decided to leave the band to pursue his own thing, and the band was left with the 4 guys. They went on without Zyne and produced another album and it was as good. There was tension between the band and Zayn because of competition or misunderstanding but despite all that I appreciate their music still.

These 3 bands are the one who had my attention, but mostly the JoBros and BTR had my attention the most. There are other band which follow after who are good as well like The Vamps and even The Summer Set. But they’re more like a band rather than boy band.

I’m pretty there are new up and coming boy bands I don’t even know of but areas good. They will be the boy band for this generation. And teenage girls of this generation will go through what we all have been through. It’s a rite of passage to growing up, just kidding, it’s not really a rite of passage.

I’m just still amazed by what these boy bands can do, they actually have a lot of power to make your spend your money, time and emotions. Despite all that, we feel like we connect with them and that’s why we are so emotionally invested in them. So when something happens to them we cry, we get angry, we feel happy and we grow with them.

The Koreans have it all too, they have a lot of boy band and are still going strong in that scene. Their fan base is always growing and new young faces emerges every few years. It keeps going on in comparison to the western side. This boy band this is a culture. It crazy to be part of it but it’s also amazing to be part of it.