Blood is thicker than water

Growing up, my parents would always remind me and my sister that we should love each other because family will always be there for your, and as the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. I know this is not true for all families, some families are so broken to the point where family won’t always be there for you but instead they have friends who becomes their family. Sometimes families are the ones who will drive you crazy but in the end you’ll always still go back to them.

But anyway, I’ve been thinking about my family and how much we have gone through these past few years. Losing my father was the biggest life changing thing that has happened to us. It was hard and still is sometimes but going through it has made me stronger even when I’m weak. I learn to be strong emotionally and also to be a support to my family, especially to my mom and sister. My sister is as strong as I am, so it’s good to have her strength as well to help support my mother emotionally.

My mom always reminds us (me and my sister) that we only have each other for support, no matter what we are still family and whatever happens we have to support each other. I see the importance in that teaching and I agree with it. Siblings don’t always see things eye to eye but we know we love each other and got each other’s back when needed. It’s like one of those unspoken things, we just know.

Sometimes friends can also feel more like family than your real family, which was what my father experienced growing up with a broken family. He loved being with his friends and to him they’re like family, but when I came along and his little family began, he poured out his love into his little family, and provided as much as he could. He wasn’t a perfect father but he was a great dad, he’s spend time with us when he could and taught us life hacks. Even though sometimes he spends a little too much time out with his friends more than with us which annoyed my mom a lot, but he’ll always make up for it by bringing us our for a good family time which includes a movie and good meal. I love how sometimes he would even  bring us out for an impromptu road trip on the weekends.

Right now my mom is our pillar at home, she supports us as much as she can as a single parent and she’s doing great. She is too hard on herself most times but I think that how most parents are like, because they only want the best for their children.

I think my sister and I see the struggles and know that we have to work hard to support and give back to our mom when we start earning well enough. To let her live a life of no stress because she deserves it.

I’m still learning about the importance of family everyday and as I grow older I become more sentimental about family time and get scared when I think about how much time I have left with my mom and even my grandparents. We need to appreciate every moment we have with our loved ones, cuz  we’ll never really know when’s the time.

Sometimes we take it for granted and forget or don’t realize that we also need to make an effort in building a relationship with our family. This means making time for them, spending time with them and have a genuine good conversation to just share what has been going on in your life. We assume that just because they’re family we already have a default relationship when it’s probably just a title connecting the relationship.

Relationship means you invest your time and emotions into building up. It doesn’t happen overnight but overtime. It’s a connection that has to be made.

So love your parents, your siblings, your grandparents. People who are dear to you, appreciate them. Family should always be your priority.