The girl who is still waiting.

I believe in being pursue by the guy instead of me doing the pursuing. I believe in dating the guy who would potentially be my future husband because I don’t want to waste my time and emotions on someone who is not him. I believe in dating someone who has the same beliefs as I do and someone who has the same values as I do.

Marriage is a life long thing, so I believe in dating the right person, he doesn’t have to be perfect because ain’t nobody is perfect, but being the right person goes a long way.

I read somewhere and even watched a video somewhere which talked about how perhaps I’m in the situation where I am ready to be someone’s wife but the person whom I’m suppose to be with is not ready to be a husband yet, and so I’ll keep waiting for him until he is ready to be a husband, until he is ready to lead me in life, to lead me closer to God when we are married. Someone who will be reliable because it’s about time I have someone I can rely on, instead of being relied on. I am waiting for that someone to always be ready to support me and even correct me when I’m wrong.

While I wait, I strive to be the better version of myself. While I wait, I want to grow deeper into God’s presence, deeper into His Words. While I wait, I want to get to know myself better and enjoy life to the fullest. I’m not going to stay stagnant because I’m waiting. Waiting gives me more reason to be more proactive in life.

Even tho the talk about marriage can be scary for some people, but it’s not a taboo topic. It’s something a lot of people would like to have in their life. It’s a beautiful thing created by God and it shouldn’t be scary. It should be appreciated.

I am not lonely, I’m just waiting. When the time is right, I’ll know. hearts_400_267